Frequently Asked Questions

What does Performance consist of?

In our multi-disciplinary course, participants work side-by-side with highly credentialed experts including performance coaches, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists who train them to become more productive and effective under pressure and to achieve sustained high performance.

What are the components of Performance training?

Our Performance course is a multi-disciplinary, holistic wellbeing program. Participants work with expert performance coaches to improve their energy management skills for sustained high performance in three areas: performance psychology, nutrition and exercise physiology. As part of this science-based training program, you will undergo physical training and testing sessions, but will also spend equal time in the other energy management technologies of performance psychology and nutrition.

How many individuals do I need for an intact group?

The minimum requirement for an intact (private) group is twelve (12). If your group is smaller, we can enroll your team into an open enrollment (public) session.

What should I do to prepare for a Performance or Resilience course?

All participants are required to complete course pre-work. You will be contacted by our program coordinator with instructions on how to complete the appropriate pre-work.

Transfers: Transfer requests must be received in writing and indicate the new date and\or new program the participant wishes to attend. Please send the email to your Human Performance Institute® Account Manager or 100% of the full tuition is non-refundable if:

Refunds: Any remaining balance of a cancelled program's payment can be applied to another Human Performance Institute® program within one year of the original program registration date. After one year, the balance is non-refundable.

Who can attend the Train-the-Trainer Program?

Only those facilitators who are either sponsored by or are an employee of an organization with the sole intention of training the organization's own employees can attend. Independent coaches who wish to train their own clients will not be allowed to attend.

How do I become a facilitator within my own organization?

You will need to become qualified to teach our courses within your organization by attending the Train-the-Trainer Program. The Train-the-Trainer Program includes a 1 day course experience followed by a 1 day certification workshop.

Whom can I train once I become a qualified Human Performance Institute® facilitator?

Qualified Human Performance Institute® facilitators can lead training sessions only for employees at the organization where they are employed. Independent contractors, life coaches, or any other consultant using the Human Performance Institute’s training methods and materials outside of the organization is strictly prohibited.

What topics are covered in Keynote Presentations?

Our highly experienced keynote speakers can cover topics related to our Performance and/or Resilience course content including energy management, nutrition, movement and resilience. If you're interested in discussing a keynote presentation for your team or organization, please contact us here to speak with a Human Performance Institute® representative.